Professor Dawud Shitu Noibi

Member Board of Trustees


Prof. Noibi was born on 09/01/1934. He obtained the BA degree in Arabic Studies from the University of Cairo, MA in Jslamic Studies from the American University in Cairo and the PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Ibadan.

He was lecturer in Islamic Studies at the University of Ibadan from 1973 to 1996 when he retired as Professor. For a brief period, he taught Islamic Law at the Muslim College, London while serving as Islamic Consultant to IQRA Trust, London, a British Muslim Educational body. He was for many years the Chairman of the National Council for the Welfare of Muslim Prisoners in Britain. He attended many conferences at home and abroad.

Currently, Prof Noibi is the Executive Secretary/CEO of the Muslim Ummah of South West Nigeria (MUSWEN), the umbrella body that embraces all Muslim organizations and institutions domiciled in South West Nigeria.

Prof Noibi has many academic publications and has received a number of awards including OBE, D.Sc (Honoris Causa) of the Crescent University, FISN and FIAC.